Info about our Bully Sticks

Our natural bully sticks originate from free range cattle (beef or water buffalo) without the use of hormones or antibiotics. These are great chews to promote your dog’s oral hygiene assisting with gum and dental health. They also assist in maintaining healthy jaw muscles. All of our bully sticks are lab tested to ensure they are healthy and contain no bacteria. They are fully approved by USDA and CFIA. The facilities that dehydrate these chews are fully inspected by local health authorities and veterinarians.

We offer various sizes of bully sticks to meet the chewing demands of your dog. We have smaller sizes (steer) for smaller dogs and very large sizes (monster) for aggressive chewers. We also offer everything in between (regular and standard size). The sizing from small to very large is as follows:steer, standard, regular, large, jumbo, and monster. We offer an odour free line of bully sticks for owners seeking a chew that has minimal odour when chewed indoors and we have a moderate odour for those that have dogs that prefer the stronger odour bully sticks.We also offer various configurations: Braided, straight and spiral.

We are sure to offer bully stick suited for your dog. Shop with confidence as we have been online since 2009 and have thousands of satisfied customers!