Odourfree MONSTER SIZE Tendon Dental Chew 50, (5-6″)


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A pack of 50 MONSTER SIZE tendon dental chews from USA cattle. These are heavier than most regular bully sticks.  These are much thicker than the the thin toothpick tendons found in most stores.  All natural from free range cattle from South America. These are a low odor treat..Low odor to us humans but yummy to dogs. As these are a natural product, the presentation of each item will differ.  A great indoor treat.  This size would retail for over $4.50 each in stores. Appearance will vary as these are a natural product.

Yes they are now available in Canada and you don’t have to ship them from the USA.

A great way to keep your dog’s teeth clean and healthy naturally.

It is recommended that your dog be supervised when chewing dog treats or chews. Ensure fresh drinking water is available.