Wild Hare Trainers (1lb bag)


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A 1lb pack of 3/4″ Wild Hare trainers. No hormones. No anti-biotics. These are approved by USDA, FDA, CFIA. These are quite thick as you can see with the pencil next to them. They are an all natural RABBIT product from Argentina. These are slowly air dried to perfection for 10 hours. This locks in all the natural flavours. Please note that these do not last as long as a bully stick chew. These have wild hare meat mixed with tapioca flour and a collagen casing.


Crude Protein(minimum):50%
Crude Fat (minimum) :5%
Crude Fiber (maximum) : 2%
Moisture (maximum) : 14%


You are not responsible for any duty or brokerage charges as with shipments from the USA.

It is recommended that your dog be supervised when chewing dog treats or chews. Ensure fresh drinking water is available.