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                  Why should you buy from BullySticks.ca?
Canadian company

We are a Canadian company and our website has been online selling natural dog chews since 2009.

We have a massive inventory of natural chews (over 15,000 square feet). We buy direct from the source to provide you with the best prices and top notch product. NONE of our products are made or processed in China. 

We have amongst the highest rated bully sticks on Amazon.

Our products are sourced from naturally raised animals.  They contain no artificial additives, hormones, antibiotics or preservatives. 


“My dog loves the bully stick chew it keeps him busy for over an hour and helps to keep his gums and teeth strong and healthy.”

Joan S.

Brooklin, Ontario

“What a great dog chew. I used to buy bully sticks for more than double the price and half the weight. What a deal!”

John S.

Vancouver, B.C.

“I am pleased to purchase regular sized bully sticks that are not mixed with thin bully sticks. Great low odour bully sticks! These are great for indoor dog chewing. These don’t give off a strong odour like the ones I used to give my dog.”

Pierre L.

Montreal, QC