Jumbo Naturally Shed Antler Split Single $16 each


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MONSTER SPLIT antler for dogs.  A great long-lasting dog chew that is rich in glucosamine. Great for maintaining joint health. This is a no odour product that lasts weeks. It is rich in nutrients. These are naturally shed. No deer or elk were harmed in gathering these high grade antler. The shape and thickness will vary but we try and classify them with a diameter of approximately the size of an inch and a half minimum and length will be between 6 and 9 inches. A great chew for indoors not messy like bones. As these are sliced, the marrow is exposed and attracts the dog right away. Many dogs refuse antler because of the marrow being so difficult to get to. They may simply give up or lose interest right away.

When antler becomes too small or if pieces break off please discard.

It is recommended that your dog be supervised when chewing dog treats or chews. Ensure fresh drinking water is available.